Saturday, December 12, 2009

Reading Plan

This was going to be for 2010 but there are still a couple of weeks left of 2009.... Now, I've signed up for 11 Book Tours. Two are on the list but I don't know when the others will arrive so they'll need to squeeze in.

edited 1-6: sigh, already a month behind. Challenges have been joined, categories changed...waiting to hear about more review books, have not received Flying Free.

~December 2009~
Moonstone - read & review
The Masonic Myth - read & review
The Male Factor - read & review (if it ever gets here)

Read but need reviews (may need to reread!)
Right Side of the Tracks
True North
Red in the Flower Bed
Nine Things Nathan Noticed at Night
Second Chance
The Tallest of smalls
The Man Who Loved Books Too Much
Benny & Shrimp
A Circle of Souls
A Sportscaster's Guide to Watching Football

~January 2010~
Across the Endless River - read & review
Nibble and Kuhn - read & review
Children of Dust - read & review
the Lie - read & review
Only in New York, Darling! - read & review
Health Beyond Medicine - read & review

Wicked Games - twitter read-along with J.Kaye

~February 2010~
Dirty Little Angels - read & review
Prince Harming Syndrome - read & review
Solace - read & review
Whiskey Gulf - read & review
The Recipe Club - read & review
The Hunt for Atlantis - read & review
Stepmonster- read & review

~March 2010~
But Then Again I Could Be Wrong - read & review
Thirsty - read & review
The Manufactured Identity - read & review
Life After 187 - read & review
Possible Futures - read & review
Defenders of the Scroll - read & review
The Art of Meaningful Living- read & review

~April 2010~
Agony Hill - read & review
The Silent Gift - read & review
The Cost of Dreams - read & review
Yellow Moon - read & review
The Gathering Storm - read & review
Playing House - read & review
Your Legacy of Love- read & review

~May 2010~
The Alphabet Challenge - read & review
Miracle in Sumatra - read & review
Janeology - read & review
Conflicts with Interest - read & review
A Songbird in My Heart - read & review
Raising Dragons - read & review
The Brimstone Murders- read & review

~June 2010~
Rainbow in the Night - read & review (in the mail)
"I" title for Rainbow Connection - Invisible Man?
"V" title for Rainbow Connection - Vision in White (also Colorful)
A Cat Sleuth challenge book

~July 2010~
Mr. Darcy Broke My Heart - read & review? awaiting replay
On the Edge - read & review
Flying Free - read & review (in the mail, still)
In the Night Kitchen by Maurice Sendak (banned)
Where the Red Fern Grows (Colorful)
Life in the Pits (What's in a Name?)
Out of the Pocket (GBLT)
A Clockwork Orange (Colorful, 100Best)
Samantha's Cowboy (Harlequin)

~August 2010~
Earth (Mind Voyages)
Storm Glass (Harlequin)
a Lisa Jackson book (Lisa Jackson)
Black Beauty (Colorful)
Magic trilogy by Mercedes Lackey (GBLT)
a Reading through the Seasons book
Lavender Morning (Colorful)

~September 2010~
The Cat Who Walks through Walls (Mind Voyages)
a Nora Roberts book (Harlequin)
a Lisa Jackson book (Lisa Jackson)
Riders of the Purple Sage (Colorful)
a Reading through the Seasons book
The Picture of Dorian Gray (Colorful)

~October 2010~
That Hideous Strength (Mind Voyages, 10*10-10/dusty)
Her Baby out of the Blue (Harlequin, Colorful)
a Lisa Jackson book (Lisa Jackson)
The Quantum Rose (Mind Voyages)
a Reading through the Seasons book
Moreta (Mind Voyages)

~November 2010~
To Kill a Mockingbird (banned)
Moon Over Water (Harlequin)
a Lisa Jackson book (Lisa Jackson)
a Lisa Jackson book (Lisa Jackson)
a Reading through the Seasons book
a Disney Literature book
Ubik (Voyages, 10*10*10/60's)
1984 (banned, 100Best)

~December 2010~
A Wrinkle in Time (banned)
Slaughterhouse-Five (Voyages, 100Best)
Ender's Game (Voyages)
a Lisa Jackson book (Lisa Jackson)
How to Tempt a Duke (Harlequin)

And.... On Top of All That......

GBLT challenge books (8+)
Toss Me a Frosty One - I'm hosting! Summer
Fall in Love - I'm hosting! Fall
Spring into Action - I'm hosting! Spring
Chill Baby, Chill - I'm hosting! Winter
Monthly Mixer Mele - 2-J's, ...

~Tour Books:
When the Whistle Blows
Shadowed Summer
Dark Divine
Princess For Hire
Out of the Pumpkin Shell
By the Time You Read This I'll Be Dead

~For 10*10*10 (some of these are taken care of in the list above but I've still got to figure out which books go where)
young adult
Christian Fiction
Perpetual Challenge books
dusty or forgotten from my shelves

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