Tuesday, April 19, 2011

new plan?

WOW did I ever fail with this plan! I do find it interesting to know when I planned to read my review books and thought I'd modify/add to it.

This was going to be for 2010 but there are still a couple of weeks left of 2009.... Now, I've signed up for 11 Book Tours. Two are on the list but I don't know when the others will arrive so they'll need to squeeze in.

edited 1-6-10: sigh, already a month behind. Challenges have been joined, categories changed...waiting to hear about more review books, have not received Flying Free. ~Apr2011 still have not received Flying Free

~December 2009~
Moonstone - read & review
The Masonic Myth - read & review
The Male Factor - read & review

Read but need reviews (may need to reread!)
Right Side of the Tracks
True North
Red in the Flower Bed
Nine Things Nathan Noticed at Night
Second Chance
The Tallest of smalls
The Man Who Loved Books Too Much
Benny & Shrimp
A Circle of Souls
A Sportscaster's Guide to Watching Football

~January 2010~
Across the Endless River - read & review
Nibble and Kuhn - read & review
Children of Dust - read & review
the Lie - read & review
Only in New York, Darling! - read & review
Health Beyond Medicine - read & review

~February 2010~
Dirty Little Angels - read & review
Prince Harming Syndrome - read & review
Solace - read & review
Whiskey Gulf - read & review read, needs review
The Recipe Club - read & review
The Hunt for Atlantis - read & review
Stepmonster- read & review

~March 2010~
But Then Again I Could Be Wrong - read & review
Thirsty - read & review
The Manufactured Identity - read & review
Life After 187 - read & review
Possible Futures - read & review
Defenders of the Scroll - read & review
The Art of Meaningful Living- read & review

~April 2010~
Agony Hill - read & review
The Silent Gift - read & review
The Cost of Dreams - read & review
Yellow Moon - read & review
The Gathering Storm - read & review
Playing House - read & review
Your Legacy of Love- read & review

~May 2010~
The Alphabet Challenge - read & review
Miracle in Sumatra - read & review
Janeology - read & review
Conflicts with Interest - read & review
A Songbird in My Heart - read & review
Raising Dragons - read & review
The Brimstone Murders- read & review

~June 2010~
Rainbow in the Night - read & review (in the mail)
plus three challenge books

~July 2010~
Mr. Darcy Broke My Heart - read & review
On the Edge - read & review
Flying Free - read & review (in the mail, still)
plus six challenge books

~August 2010~
Ten challenge books

~September 2010~
Six challenge books

~October 2010~
six challenge books

~November 2010~
eight challenge books

~December 2010~
five challenge books

And.... On Top of All That......

~Tour Books:
When the Whistle Blows
Shadowed Summer
Dark Divine
Princess For Hire
Out of the Pumpkin Shell
By the Time You Read This I'll Be Dead

~Books Received 2011~
The Haunted Ebook (ebook)
Welcome to Town (ebook)
Cloud Crash (ebook)
Ancient Awakenings
Northlight (ebook?)
40+ and Fabulous
If a Dog Could Blog
Any Witch Way (ebook)
A Modern Witch (ebook)
Gone (ebook)
Bullet Work
Economic Meltdown
Bridge to Happiness (print & ebook)
White Sleeper
A Map Across Time (in the mail)
Deadfall by Shaun Jeffrey
Too Near the Edge by Lynn Osterkamp

Challenges for 2011

+11 in '11
50 States
J. Kaye's 100+
A to Z, titles
Alphabet Challenge, characters

ARC Challenge
BEDA, Blog Every Day April
Birth Year Reading Challenge
The Chronicles of Narnia, read-a-long
Color Coded

Cozy Mystery Challenge
Cruisin' thru the Cozies
E-Book Challenge
Foodie's Reading Challenge
The Harlequin/Silhouette Reading Challenge

Memorable Memoirs
Mental Illness Advocacy
Monthly Mix-up Mania, two years!
The Non-Fiction Challenge
Off the Shelves

Paranormal/Fantasy Romance Challenge
Read to Me
Reading Challenge Addict
Romance Reading Challenge
Spring Reading Thing, Mar 20-Jun 20

What's in a Name 4
Where Are You Reading?
Young Readers

Maggie Sefton

Knitting Mystery

1. Knit One, Kill Two
2. Needled to Death
3. A Deadly Yarn
4. A Killer Stitch
5. Dryer Consequences
6. Fleece Navidad
7. Dropped Dead Stitch
8. Skein of the Crime (2010)
9. Unraveled (2011)

I'm fairly certain I own 1-6 and have read 1-7.
The series takes place in Colorado

Elizabeth Lynn Casey

Southern Sewing Circle Mystery

1. Sew Deadly (2009) - own, unread
2. Death Threads (2010)
3. Pinned for Murder (2010)
4. Deadly Notions (2011)
5. Dangerous Alterations (2011)

Monica Ferris

Monica Ferris writes the series "Needlecraft Mysteries", author's website, and participates on the blog Killer Hobbies with four other writers.

About the Series
When Betsy Devonshire arrived in *Excelsior, Minnesota, all she wanted was to visit her sister Margot and to get her life in order. She never dreamed her sister would give her a place to stay and a job at her needlecraft shop. In fact, things had never looked so good - until Margot was murdered…

The art of needlecraft requires patience, discipline, and creativity. So, too, does the art of detection. Just ask Betsy - who's learning that life in a small-town needlecraft shop can reveal an unexpected knack for knitting … and a hidden talent for unravelling crime.

Book Titles

1. Crewel World

2. Framed in Lace

3. A Stitch in Time

4. Unraveled Sleeve

5. A Murderous Yarn

6. Hanging by a Thread

7. Cutwork

8. Crewel Yule

9. Embroidered Truths

10. Sins and Needles

11. Knitting Bones

12. Thai Die

13. Buttons and Bones

14. Threadbare (2011)

* Excelsior, Minnesota is a real city but I don't recall how much of it is actually in the books, here is their website

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Carpathian Novels

The Official Website of Christine Feehan

This, unfinished, page is to help me keep track of where Ms. Feehan is at in the Dark Series and which ones I have.

With the publication of Dark Slayer, there are now 20 books. I do not have them all and now I'm wondering where the ones I do own are.

The Carpathians. A long-lived but dying race living mostly in the Carpathian Mountains. Males lose the ability to see in other than drab grays and shadows about the same time they lose their emotions. They were essentially predators, the darkness growing and spreading in them until they had no emotion, nothing but the dark in a gray, cold world. It was necessary to find their missing half, the lifemate that would bring them forever into the light. Without their lifemate, many of the males gave up their souls to become the undead in desperation. There were few females and they mostly had males, when they carried to term.

Human women could not be converted without becoming deranged and having to be destroyed. It had been tried.

BOOK #1: DARK PRINCE (ebook on Touch & mmp?)
BOOK #2: DARK DESIRE (ebook on Touch & mmp?)
BOOK #3: DARK GOLD (ebook on Touch & mmp?)
BOOK #4: DARK MAGIC (ebook on Touch & mmp?)
BOOK #6: DARK FIRE (mmp?)
BOOK #7: DARK DREAM (mmp?)
BOOK #12: DARK MELODY (mmp?)
BOOK #15: DARK SECRET (ebook on Touch)
BOOK #16: DARK DEMON (ebook on Touch)
BOOK #19: DARK CURSE (hardcover?)

Paranormal Romance

Book 1: Dark Prince

Release Date: April 1, 2005
Number of Pages: 464 pages
Publisher: Leisure Books
Language: English
ISBN: 0843955287
chapter one

Mikhail Dubrinsky & Raven Whitney

Mikhail is the Carpathian leader and contemplating seeking the dawn. Raven is a human psychic on break from a hard-boiled case. She senses his pain and speaks to Mikhail telepathically.

Chapter one is a wonderful introduction to the basics of the race.

Book 2: Dark Desire

Release Date: January 2006
Number of Pages: 369 pages
Publisher: Leisure Books
Language: English
ISBN: 0843956534

Jacques & Shea O'Halloran

Jacques has been caught, tortured and buried alive, so close the soil he needs to heel but well and truly caught in a coffin with a stake in his heart.

Shea is an American surgeon on the run from the same men/society, that caught Jacques. She heads to the Carpathian Mountains.

Book 3: Dark Gold

Release Date: April 2000
Number of Pages: 320 pages
Publisher: Love Spell
Language: English
ISBN: 0505523752

Aidan Savage & Alexandria Houton

Christine Feehan

Christine Feehan

The Dark Series Paranormal Romance, vampire-like
The Carpathian's are a long-lived, blood-drinking, sub-species of human. They do not take life in their feeding unless "turned" then they truly become vampires.

my Carpathian page

The Drake Sisters, paranormal romance
The Drake sisters live in Sea Haven, a sleepy coastal town with more than it's share of paranormal danger. A prophecy about the sisters and their home and the gift that each sister has plays a central part of each book

Magic in the Wind (inside Lovers Beware)
The Twilight Before Christmas
Oceans of Fire
Dangerous Tides
Safe Harbor
Turbulent Sea
Hidden Currents

Science experiments gone wrong and the men who are trying to save the women experimented on.

Shadow Game
Mind Game
Night Game
Conspiracy Game
Deadly Game
Predatory Game
Murder Game
Street Game

Leopard Series
Shape-shifters and the wild jungles. Similar feel as the Carpathians.

The Awakening (inside Fantasy and Fever)
Wild Rain (inside Fever)
Burning Wild
Wild Fire (April 27, 2010)

Christmas Stories
CHRISTINE FEEHAN HOLIDAY TREASURY is a reissue of three of Ms. Feehan's previously released Christmas titles. After the Music, The Twilight Before Christmas, & Rocky Mountain Miracle

THE WICKED AND WONDROUS is a reissue of After The Music & The Twilight Before Christmas

After the Music (inside A Very Gothic Christmas)
The Twilight Before Christmas
Rocky Mountain Miracle (inside Shadows of Christmas Past)

single titles

The Scarletti Curse
Lair of the Lion

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Monthly Mixer Mele Reading Plan

Monthly Mixer Mele
hosted at Jen's Book Talk
Challenge dates are Nov 1, 2009 to Nov 2, 2010.

N - Nibble & Kuhn
O - Only in New York, Darling!
V - The Vanishing Sculptor - read Nov 29
E - On the Edge
M - A Magical Christmas Present - finished Dec 8
B - Blaze of Memory - finished Dec 9
E - Across the Endless River
R - The Recipe Club

D - The Dragon in the Sock Drawer - finished Nov 4
E - Ender in Exile
C - The Cat Who Saw Stars - finished Nov 4
E - Earth by David Brin
M - Moonstone
B - Begger's Banquet - finished Nov 24
E - Ender's Game
R - Raising Dragons

J - Janeology
A - Dirty Little Angels
N -
U -
A - The Hunt for Atlantis
R - Where the Red Fern Grows
Y - Yellow Moon

F - Falling into the Sun - finished Dec 1 & reviewed
E - Elantis
B - The Black Stallion and the Shape-shifter - finished Nov 14
R -
U - Unity
A - The Art of Meaningful Living
R -
Y - Your Legacy of Love

M - The Masonic Myth
A - Life After 187
R - Rainbow in the Night
C - The Cost of Dreams
H - A Highlander Christmas - finished Nov 28

A - The Alphabet Challenge
P - Possible Futures
R - The Lace Reader
I - The Manufactured Identity
L - the Lie

M - Miracle in Sumatra
A - Agony Hill
Y - New Year's Quilt

J - Just Breathe - may change
U - Always Looking Up
N - It Happened One Night
E - Nineteen Eighty-four

J -
U -
L - Lavender Morning
Y - A Good Yarn

A - But Then Again I Could Be Wrong
U - The Cat Who went Underground - finished Nov 3
G - The Gathering Storm
U -
S - A Snowflake in My Hand - finished Nov 13
T - Thirsty

S - A Sportscaster's Guide to Watching Football - finished Nov 3
E - Empire
P - Playing House
T - That Holiday Feeling - finished Dec 6
E - Life, the Universe & Everything
M - The Male Factor
B - The Brimstone Murders
E -
R - Rogue Warrior

O - The Last Olympian
C - The Christmas List - finished Nov 26
T - The Tallest of smalls - finished Nov 17
O - Out of the Pumpkin Shell
B - Black Beauty
E - The Real Enemy
R -

All the books list are either review/tour books or titles that I own. I'm hoping the blank spaces can be filled out with library books. I do know that one "U" book must be purchased (The Gardner Heist) but I want to read that for another challenge.

In the Night Kitchen by Maurice Sendak (banned/challenged)
Ubik by Philip K. Dirk (60's, Mind Voyages)
The Quantum Rose (A-Z(Q), Mind Voyages)
Riders of the Purple Sage (Colorful)
Yesterday's Lies by Lisa Jackson (LJ)
Just Over the Mountain
Unspoken (LJ)
The Gardner Heist: The True Story of the World's largest unsolved Art Theft by Ulrich Boser
A Ring of Endless Light by Madeleine L'Engle
6 Rainer Drive