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Carpathian Novels

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This, unfinished, page is to help me keep track of where Ms. Feehan is at in the Dark Series and which ones I have.

With the publication of Dark Slayer, there are now 20 books. I do not have them all and now I'm wondering where the ones I do own are.

The Carpathians. A long-lived but dying race living mostly in the Carpathian Mountains. Males lose the ability to see in other than drab grays and shadows about the same time they lose their emotions. They were essentially predators, the darkness growing and spreading in them until they had no emotion, nothing but the dark in a gray, cold world. It was necessary to find their missing half, the lifemate that would bring them forever into the light. Without their lifemate, many of the males gave up their souls to become the undead in desperation. There were few females and they mostly had males, when they carried to term.

Human women could not be converted without becoming deranged and having to be destroyed. It had been tried.

BOOK #1: DARK PRINCE (ebook on Touch & mmp?)
BOOK #2: DARK DESIRE (ebook on Touch & mmp?)
BOOK #3: DARK GOLD (ebook on Touch & mmp?)
BOOK #4: DARK MAGIC (ebook on Touch & mmp?)
BOOK #6: DARK FIRE (mmp?)
BOOK #7: DARK DREAM (mmp?)
BOOK #12: DARK MELODY (mmp?)
BOOK #15: DARK SECRET (ebook on Touch)
BOOK #16: DARK DEMON (ebook on Touch)
BOOK #19: DARK CURSE (hardcover?)

Paranormal Romance

Book 1: Dark Prince

Release Date: April 1, 2005
Number of Pages: 464 pages
Publisher: Leisure Books
Language: English
ISBN: 0843955287
chapter one

Mikhail Dubrinsky & Raven Whitney

Mikhail is the Carpathian leader and contemplating seeking the dawn. Raven is a human psychic on break from a hard-boiled case. She senses his pain and speaks to Mikhail telepathically.

Chapter one is a wonderful introduction to the basics of the race.

Book 2: Dark Desire

Release Date: January 2006
Number of Pages: 369 pages
Publisher: Leisure Books
Language: English
ISBN: 0843956534

Jacques & Shea O'Halloran

Jacques has been caught, tortured and buried alive, so close the soil he needs to heel but well and truly caught in a coffin with a stake in his heart.

Shea is an American surgeon on the run from the same men/society, that caught Jacques. She heads to the Carpathian Mountains.

Book 3: Dark Gold

Release Date: April 2000
Number of Pages: 320 pages
Publisher: Love Spell
Language: English
ISBN: 0505523752

Aidan Savage & Alexandria Houton

Christine Feehan

Christine Feehan

The Dark Series Paranormal Romance, vampire-like
The Carpathian's are a long-lived, blood-drinking, sub-species of human. They do not take life in their feeding unless "turned" then they truly become vampires.

my Carpathian page

The Drake Sisters, paranormal romance
The Drake sisters live in Sea Haven, a sleepy coastal town with more than it's share of paranormal danger. A prophecy about the sisters and their home and the gift that each sister has plays a central part of each book

Magic in the Wind (inside Lovers Beware)
The Twilight Before Christmas
Oceans of Fire
Dangerous Tides
Safe Harbor
Turbulent Sea
Hidden Currents

Science experiments gone wrong and the men who are trying to save the women experimented on.

Shadow Game
Mind Game
Night Game
Conspiracy Game
Deadly Game
Predatory Game
Murder Game
Street Game

Leopard Series
Shape-shifters and the wild jungles. Similar feel as the Carpathians.

The Awakening (inside Fantasy and Fever)
Wild Rain (inside Fever)
Burning Wild
Wild Fire (April 27, 2010)

Christmas Stories
CHRISTINE FEEHAN HOLIDAY TREASURY is a reissue of three of Ms. Feehan's previously released Christmas titles. After the Music, The Twilight Before Christmas, & Rocky Mountain Miracle

THE WICKED AND WONDROUS is a reissue of After The Music & The Twilight Before Christmas

After the Music (inside A Very Gothic Christmas)
The Twilight Before Christmas
Rocky Mountain Miracle (inside Shadows of Christmas Past)

single titles

The Scarletti Curse
Lair of the Lion